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IWR is the German association for small and medium sized enterprises (SME), which are active on international markets. As a community, we form a strong network, which strategically strengthens SME in international business. Therefore, IWR supports companies with a strategically oriented network, innovative knowhow for sales, management and product development alike. When it comes to accessing new markets, IWR is particularly concerned with the procurement of international organizations. German SME are clearly underrepresented. This applies to SME from many European neighbors as well. We are committed to enhance their sales chances.

With its entire work and activities, IWR pursues the goal of giving both, companies and entrepreneurs, the recognition that is appropriate to their socio-economic impact – both nationally and internationally. I invite you to use our expertise and network for your business success.
Thank you in advance,

Tino Barth

Chair of the Board



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Afrolynk 2017: Exploring Africa’s Start-up Ecosystems

Afrolynk is Berlin’s first platform truly dedicated to the exchange between European and African start-up ecosystems. On 1 September, the second edition of the technology & entrepreneurship conference took place at Microsoft Atrium Berlin. The conference brought together young companies, investors and decision-makers from business and politics. The International Economic Association (Internationaler Wirtschaftsrat e. V., IWR) was official network partner of the conference. Manuel Höller-Fam reports for IWR’s media partner Diplomatisches Magazin about the Afrolynk conference 2017. You find the article as PDF here.


“We Need a Completely New Dimension in the Cooperation Between Europe and Africa.”

The Marshallplan with Africa has experienced a great deal of attention in political Berlin in recent months. At the beginning of August, Tino Barth, Chairman of the International Economic Association, spoke with Thomas Silberhorn, the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), on behalf of the Diplomatisches Magazin about how the Marshall Plan is to be implemented in practice. Development cooperation can only reinforce the positive development which has already been set in motion, as the State Secretary explained. Germany intends to focus its support on those countries prepared to further develop the ground for future investments, from abroad and internal investors. Learn more about the Marshall Plan with Africa in the interview.


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