A Strong Network for Your International Business

The International Economic Association (Internationaler Wirtschaftsrat e. V., IWR) provides a powerful network, which ensures that entrepreneurial interests from SMEs will be heard by politics, administration and also international actors. A special feature of IWR’s network is its strategic alignment. Companies will find in its network key contacts and specialized information, which are necessary to adjust all relevant in-house processes for continuous international success or successful market entries.


  • …strengthens the position of medium-sized companies in international markets,
  • …increases the attention of SME interests,
  • …is continuously expanding its network – nationally and internationally to provide high-quality contacts,
  • …provides ideas and insights to latest innovations in production and innovation to strengthen international sales,
  • …advocates for a strong social market economy as well as social and ecological sustainability,
  • …implements the guidelines of the Global Compact.

Regarding the access to new markets, IWR offers a special service: Our association supports SME in opening up the procurement markets of international organizations, such as the United Nations. IWR invites you to discover and develop your sales opportunities within its network.