New Markets, New Technologies, New Competitors

Transformation is currently ubiquitous. In global trade, forces are shifting by increasing competitiveness and innovativeness notably. Digitalization is one of the driving forces of change. Disruptive business models and new technology challenges established businesses to adapt.

The German Mittelstand has often proved its ability to innovate and adapt to specialized niches in the world market. These days, medium-sized businesses have to prove that they can rethink their business models and products for the digital age. Processes in management, production, and sales need to be reorganized. Internationaler Wirtschaftsrat e. V. or International Economic Association  (IWR) provides its members with access to innovation trends, experts, and start-ups in Germany, Europe and worldwide. You can find out more about this in the Innovations section.

Confident in Foreign Business

Globalization is both a challenge and an opportunity. Opening up new markets can strengthen companies in a sustained manner. What can be a strategic advantage in future sales can be a challenging mission today. A market entry in developing and emerging economies, for example, paves the way for the development of new target groups or product innovations. The rapid economic growths in numerous emerging markets makes such an effort worthwhile. IWR contributes to reducing barriers and offers SMEs fresh approaches to market entries. An interesting example is the forum “Business Meets Diplomacy”. With the forum IWR fosters the exchange between politics, diplomacy, and corporate actors.

Expertise Worldwide

IWR’s Board of Directors and its Members of the Panel of Experts hold profound knowledge on crucial topics related to internationalization as well as specific regional expertise. Check out their regional expertise in our infographic:

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