IWR’s Organizational Structure

The Board of Director’s of the International Economic Association (Internationaler Wirtschaftsrat e. V., IWR) is elected for two years by the general assembly. The five-member body is responsible for fulfilling the tasks defined in the association’s statutes. In addition to the Board, the Expert Panel is a permanent body of the IWR. The Expert Panel comprises  specialists from various fields of internationalization, who have extensive experience in international business development. The cooperation between the bodies and their communication with the members is coordinated by IWR’s secretariat. It is the first stop for questions concerning our services and experts.


Board of Directors

Tino Barth

Tino Barth is entrepreneur and consultant. He consults companies and startups in the development of sales and marketing structures. He is Senator of Wirtschaftsjunioren, the German member organization of the Junior Chamber International. Furthermore, he is Vice Chairman of DIHK Mittelstandsausschuss.

Dr. Gerhard Dust
Vice Chairperson

Dr. Gerhard Dust gathered extensive experience in book trade and the publishing industry and related international logistics management. Today, he is using his entrepreneurial knowhow for the development of sustainable and human emergency shelters.

Thies Borch-Madsen

Thies Borch-Madsen is National Key Account Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at a multinational corporation. He focusses on the development of new key accounts and service concepts and has a keen interest in sustainability issues.

Radu Anghel
Board Member

Radu Anghel is Sales Director for Capstone Turbine in Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. He is a founding member of IWR.

Christoph Hampe
Board Member

Christoph Hampe leads the governemt relations and public affairs section of a German tech enterprise with a long-standing focus on security systems, sensor technology as well as mobility. Furthermore, he is in-house lawyer for the corporation.



Manuel Höller-Fam is at your service for all questions regarding IWR and its services.

Telefon: +49 (0)30 920 383 1440

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