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Companies and executives from the economic sector, politics and civil society join forces in the International Economic Association (IWR), to expand their competencies in international business. Together, they build bridges into new markets for SME. IWR is an active community, in which the members contribute with their ideas and competencies, in order to support each other in the goal achievement. Together with our partners, we form a powerful network that provides medium-sized entrepreneurship with appropriate attention in politics and the general public, particularly in matters of foreign trade.

The acquisition of international organizations, such as the United Nations, provides the IWR as the only company association in Germany with the necessary attention. German companies are underrepresented in these markets, particularly in the United Nations. The IWR is committed to the development of the necessary transparency, the necessary know-how and the network, which makes it easier for small and medium-sized companies to access these markets and gives them the appeal of these sales markets.

The IWR sees itself as a community of values which recognizes the socio-economic advantages of the social market economy as opposed to other economic regulations and that it is protected and further developed. An integral part of this self-understanding is the membership of the IWR in the United Nations Global Compact, which has committed itself to universal protection of the environment and human rights of the IWR. The IWR is neutral in terms of party politics and ideology.

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