IWR – A Strong, Vital Network for SME

The members of the International Economic Association (Internationaler Wirtschaftsrat e.V., IWR) operate in national and international markets. They aim to expand their competencies in doing business abroad or accessing new markets.  As a community the members are supporting each other in achieving objectives by providing their specific expertise where it is needed. Together, they are opening doors  for small and medium sized enterprises to markets abroad.

The members of IWR esteem the socio-economic advantages of the social market economy in contrast to other economic systems. Therefore, they advocate for its protection and further development. An integral part of this self-understanding is IWR’s membership in the United Nations Global Compact. As a community IWR committed itself to the Global Compact’s universal principles of protecting the environment and human rights. IWR expects its members to recognize and implement the universal principles for their business as well.

Advantages and Benefits

By becoming a member of IWR, you are accessing an extensive network to other businesses, associations, institutions and politics. Within this network, you will be able to obtain qualified answers to individual questions and also high-quality contacts. IWR is the only economic association in Germany which is consistently committed to reducing barriers to access procurement markets of international organizations. We invite you to access these highly attractive markets together. International organizations such as the United Nations are an attractive long-term business partner.

Becoming a Member

You can identify with the objectives of IWR and you are ready to participate actively in its dynamically growing network? Then we look forward to your application for membership. Below you will find all important documents for this process. The completed forms can be sent to us by fax or postal services. The Management Board will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

What criteria should be met?

Your business…

  • …generates annually more than EUR 1 million in sales,
  • …is a manufacturing, trading or service company,
  • …exports or invests already successfully to/in foreign markets or would like to expand its business
    activities abroad,
  • …is ready to contribute a monthly membership fee of 75 euros and
  • …is an entrepreneurial personality.

The future of your company is based on the decisions you make today. IWR is a reliable partner who accompanies you on your way to a successfull international business.


Further Information and Membership Application

The Board of Directors and the IWR-Secretariat are looking forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. In the section structure you will find the necessary contact details.

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